Academics at Golden Sunbeam

At Golden Sunbeam, we believe in a rich and varied curriculum, and our students benefit from a dedicated faculty and well equipped facilities. Most of all, we believe in nurturing your intellectual and aesthetic growth. Our students take a willing and active role in their education. They master skills, absorb knowledge, learn critical thinking and develop leadership skills in their time at Golden Sunbeam.

If your child attends Golden Sunbeam, he or she will be involved in a dynamic, intellectual and leadership community. They'll pursue their interests in courses that challenge them to excel. They’ll explore the past and the present as they prepare for their future.

As the students advance through the academic ranks and master course contents within each grade level, more advanced topics within these disciplines will be offered. The integration of these knowledge domains as students advance in their understanding of basic concepts provides room for exploration, experiments, innovation and small scale research and development projects.

Golden Sunbeam curriculum offers students a wide range of course choices in subjects suitable to secondary school study. Departmental requirements, designed to satisfy entrance requirements at the most demanding colleges, may be met through a variety of courses within each discipline. The total program of studies provides sufficient flexibility for students to pursue individual interests in depth.

As you look through the offerings in our curriculum, consider the breadth and depth of our program as an invitation both to explore your known academic passions and to discover new interests. We hope you will seek out those new interests, that you will push your own perceived limits to the boundaries of this curriculum en route to a rich and varied intellectual experience over the course of your time here.

Academic Departments

  • Applied Math and Science
  • Leadership Development
  • Liberal Arts
General Courses

Students and children at Golden Sunbeam can enroll in many courses of interest which are tailored to the grade level of students and pupils. These courses enable students/pupils develop skills in critical thinking, creativity, personal leadership and management which provide stepping stones for success. Course provided under each department are:

Applied Math and Science

  • General Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Agriculture
  • Innovation and Design
  • ICT

Leadership Development

  • Business and Entrepreneurship
    • Accounting
    • Economics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • ICT
    • Ethics
    • Management
  • Home & Personal Leadership
    • Budgeting
    • Cooking
    • Home maintenance
    • Home/personal hygiene
    • Investing and finance
    • Interior design
    • Sewing

Liberal Arts

  • English and History
    • Classical Literature
    • Social studies/history
    • World civilizations
    • Public speaking
    • ICT
    • Professional writing
      • Grammar
      • Writing
      • Reading
  • Fine Arts
    • Architecture and Design
    • Crafts
    • Dance
    • Music
    • Visual Arts
From these academic departs, the practical and holistic education provided to students and pupils enhance their educational experience at Golden Sunbeam. These courses supplement the educational requirements of the Ghana educational system which prepares students for the B.E.C.E, S.S.C.E and University of Cambridge entry exams. Our aim at Golden Sunbeam is to ensure that students and pupils are equipped with the needed skills and knowledge base to succeed and excel upon graduation anywhere they go.