GES Curriculum

Golden Sunbeam’s GES curriculum is one tailored and made relevant to the dynamic and changing needs of Ghana. Though the syllabi are specific to Ghana, Golden Sunbeam’s teaching and learning methodology is designed to enable critical thinking in the children.


Children enrolled in the GES curriculum write the BECE as their exit exams for junior secondary and WASSCE for their secondary education. After over two decades of running the GES curriculum, Golden Sunbeam has to its merit excellent academic records where students have a 98% chance getting a distinction in B.E.C.E and 100% chance being placed in their first choice senior secondary schools in Ghana.


At the Senior High Level, all Golden Sunbeam alumni are enrolled at tertiary institutions in Ghana and abroad. Excellence is our hallmark and when you join the Golden Sunbeam family, you join a cohort of exceptional students who are being prepared and trained to become the change agents and leaders in Ghana and Africa. We welcome you to join the Golden Sunbeam family for a wonderful holistic and transformative educational experience.