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Co-curricular Activities

Children and students at Golden Sunbeam have many options to choose from when it comes to co-curriculum activities. Every child and student is encouraged to participate in at least one of the several opportunities available in co-curriculum activities. These activities we have discovered enable students develop interpersonal skills and self confidence as they explore various activities. Students and children who participate in extra-curriculum activities are known to excel in their studies and school work. For more information concerning the following activities, please contact the admissions office.

  • Theater and drama club
  • School band
  • School chorus
  • School symphony
  • School dance team
  • Spelling B team
  • Toast masters
  • School journalism group
  • Volley ball team
  • Basket ball team
  • Soccer team
  • Lawn/table tennis team
  • Cadet corps/Boy scouts
  • Debate team
  • School Inventor team
  • Student government